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Ten10 Racing, in venture with WTR Team, Italy, will be India’s first motorcycle racing team which will be participating in an worldwide motorcycle race, the Moto GP. The Ten10 Racing team from India, will introduce the young and competent rider Sarath Kumar. He is a skilled rider who will be the first Indian motorcyclist to participate in an worldwide race ,the 125cc World Championship 2011. The Ten10 Racing team from India is in partnership with WTR Team from Italy which will be supporting it in commercial, strategic and technical aspects. Moto GP racing, an apex in the worldwide race considered to be the Formula 1 of the motorcycle racing. The world racing championship has actually three levels, the first is 125 cc World Championship, the second is Moto 2 World Championships and the third is Moto GP World Championships- the Premier Event. Ten10 racing team are the National champions who have actually won with huge margins. The motorcycle team at the Madras Motorsport Race Track has actually already broken lots of records which includes the quickest lap time clocked by any motorcycle producers in India. The aim behind teaming up of Ten10 and WTR Team is to venture together by supporting the Indian racing team in the technological aspect to make it at par with the worldwide standards. The joint venture will also bring the brand-new talent and showcase it on the worldwide level. Together the teams also wish to build an Indian motorcycle racing team by 2014 which will be representing as one of the most effective and most talented lot in the Moto GP. Ramji Govindarajan, the Ten10, Team Principal, expressed his views on the venture with the Italian WTR team, that, this brand-new venture is a very important step in the Indian motorcycle sports. The aim with which Ten10 was made was to make it a professional team and racing brand for India by using this sport. He also took the opportunity to thank Mr Castellucci and his team to select an Indian team and said that they are confident about the venture which will bring forth brand-new talent in the sport from Italy and India. Loris Castellucci, the team manager and director of WTR mentioned that, the Italian team is extremely satisfied with the venture as both team share the same passion for the sport. The teams have actually ventured for three years and share a common vision to be known as WTR-Ten10 Racing team. He also thanked Mr. Ramji and others in the team for the venture and co-operation. Ten10 Racing team has actually open brand-new avenues in this sport in India which needed to step into the worldwide level. With this, brand-new doors have actually been opened for the bigger firms in India to brand its products worldwide.

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