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The World Wide Web has actually changed lots of things and the way we do business is certainly one of them.  Things that were difficult before are now easier and one of those things is Joint Ventures.  I say ‘easier’, because now people from anywhere in the world can go into a JV along with you – and you along with them!  Distance has actually been reduced to a mouse, a monitor and a keyboard!  How easy is that?  OK, there’s more to JVs than just that and that’s where Neal Hanson comes in.

You see, Neal recognized that there are so lots of people out there that, for a variety of reasons, were missing out on expanding themselves and their businesses by not utilizing JVs.  So he wrote a book about it and has actually produced something that will leave you along with no reasons to jump on board and make some JVs yourself.  Everything is explained, clearly and in easy language.  The publications sub-title is: ‘The Simple Formula for Creating and Maintaining Profitable JV Partnerships’; this is where Neal answers all those questions about JVs that you were just too afraid to ask!

Questions such as: What Is a Joint Venture, How to Find Partners, Why use a JV, legal aspects of a JV, maintaining and growing a JV, seeing your business grow in leaps and bounds, exploring brand-new market potentials, are all answered, as are a whole load more!  You’ll see that JVs are open to everybody and indeed, finding people who want to join along with you – at house or abroad – are not that difficult to find!  Also, you’ll see that you don’t need pot loads of money or indeed, be a giant corporate business to start up and succeed along with JVs.

It’s easy to recommend this book, as somebody who is already involved in business and active JVs.  For GBP17.00 – that’s about US$30.00 – it’s a steal.  Believe me; you will not be using the 60 day refund guarantee!

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