Niagara Falls


Niagara Falls is an magnificent and awesome waterfall located at the Niagara River. This separates the worldwide border of Ontario, Canada and Brand-new York, US. This fall is regarded as one of the most powerful waterfalls in the world along with more than one million gallons of water per second. Here is some necessary informatin about this spectacular place.

It is separated into two by Goat Island. This breathtaking fall consists of three falls known as the American Falls, the Horseshoe and the Bridal Veil Falls. The fall on the Canadian adverse of the border is known as the Horseshoe Falls whereas the fall of United States adverse is known as the American Falls. One can also find a smaller fall known as Bridal Veil fall on US side. This fall is separated by Luna Island from the Niagara Falls.

It is the result of Wisconsin glaciations period that ended around nine thousand years ago. During this time, several lakes and rivers were formed due to the slow movement of various glaciers.

The city is also known as the ‘Honeymoon Cities’ as it one of the most favored destinations for newlywed couples. The most effective time to visit the fall is during summer as during the season all of the attractions of the area are open for the visitors. Weekdays are generally sparsely crowded whereas the weekends are much crowded and should be avoided. Winters are also quite exotic and spectacular as the river below the falls freezes and it gives a great splendid views.

There are a range of attractions available in and around Niagara Falls. Niagara Park’s Botanical Gardens is one of the must visit scenic destinations in the area. This park accommodates a unique Butterfly Conservatory that is a great place for the students to spend one finish day.

This magnificent park was established in the year 1936 and covered an area of about ninety nine acres of excellently managed gardens. It also includes parterre, shade, herb, rhododendrons gardens along along with a world famous rose garden. This rose garden is estate to over two thousand roses.

Floral Clock is another most visited and sought after tourist destination and a superb attraction near it. This is also a great photogenic site. The floral clock changed its face two times in a year. During spring, the garden becomes violet whereas it becomes green and grey during summer and fall seasons.This marvelous clock was built by Ontario Hydro but the idea came from Dr. Richard Lankaster Hearn, Hydro’s General Manager and Chief Engineer.

Niagara Falls offers some of the most exciting range of hotels that give you perfect views of the falls right from their hotel rooms. Hotels such as Niagara Falls Crowne Plaza Hotel, Skyline Inn, The Hampton Inn by Hilton at the Falls, Sheraton on the Falls hotel etc are the most ideally situated hotels around Niagara Falls.

One can also find a great range of varieties in dining options in form of Fallsview Restaurant or Fallsview Rainbow Room Restaurant. These restaurants are meant for serving some of the great cuisines as well as majestic views of the falls.

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